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Services provided

Cost Consultancy, Building Surveying

Project Description

PMP was appointed by the University of Glasgow in October 2020 to deliver a comprehensive BRV assessment and schedule of condition across their entire estate of approximately 320 assets ranging from agricultural sheds to academic buildings, student residences and Grade A listed heritage properties.

PMP successfully delivered the BRV assessment reports and schedules of condition within the agreed programme of 12 weeks through the Covid lockdown period and Christmas break, commencing in late November 2020 and completing in February 2021. An initial programme of priority assets were reported and delivered prior to the Christmas break to allow coverage to be maintained over the Christmas period and beyond their initial term expiry of 1 January 2021. This initial phase included the heritage period properties including the Gilbert Scott building on the Gilmourhill Campus.

Set across multiple locations, PMP planned the surveys in collaboration with the client team with 3 teams of Building Surveyors in the field undertaking the surveys and our QS team preparing the BRV reports.

PMP held regular planned progress meetings on a fortnightly basis. These meetings were vital in the success of the commission, allowing any queries or issues to be addressed.

The work was completed as a cross team effort between the Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors at PMP.

John Edwards

John Edwards


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Key Challenges

Arranging access across 320 assets: PMP established contact with the campus security team, keeping them updated with our programme and intended access dates. Advance notice given to building managers, primary occupants.

Multiple locations: Our teams were allocated to specific areas across the estate to give efficient use of resource.

Varied building types & construction form: Accurate recording of asset in elemental form by visiting surveyor. Reference to in-house cost data.

Covid restrictions: PMP delivered the commission through the lockdown period by following strict Covid protocols

Cost data for historic buildings: PMP used BCIS and pricing books to determine a base cost for building types, broken down in to segments for multi-use assets with features, site abnormals and period construction factored separately using in house cost data.

Access denied at time of visit: Despite best efforts in agreeing access, there were a couple of instances where research staff were uncomfortable with our team accessing their area. Where this occurred we would either try and secure information if another similar property was available or organise a return visit as part of the final clean up, recording the failed attempt at our progress meetings with a view to resolving.

Internal PMP communications: With a large survey team out on campus and our QS team undertaking the BRV reports, communications were co-ordinated through our senior directors leading the commission. Files stored on PMP’s cloud drive, accessible by all.

Reports were uploaded in tranches at the end of each week using the university’s own file sharing system to the client along with a tracker recording what had been issued and a note of the reported value.

What we delivered

Quantity Surveying & Building Surveying

    • Building Reinstatement Valuation Surveys and Reports

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